Your Eternal Goal

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in 1469, as a young man Niccolò Machiavelli entered government service in his native Florence, Italy. He rapidly rose to prominence and became secretary of Florence’s military council. In that position, he was assigned to negotiate delicate matters, coming face-to-face with many leaders. However, in 1512 he found himself on the wrong side of a political dispute and was removed from office, even imprisoned for a time.

Attempting to win favor, Machiavelli began writing down what he had learned about successful and unsuccessful rulers. His most famous book, The Prince, provided a blueprint and justification for gaining power through the use of expediency, deception, and even ruthlessness.

Machiavelli’s writings established a model which has been emulated worldwide. Yet his words are often startling. In 1827, English historian Lord Macaulay wrote that it was impossible to read The Prince without “horror and amazement,” saying it was “a display of wickedness.” Today, the Encarta® World English Dictionary says that to act “Machiavellian” means to be “cunning and unscrupulous: using clever trickery, amoral methods, and expediency to achieve a desired goal.” In other words, it means doing anything to get what we want.

Many people live by Machiavellian principles. However, Jesus challenged us to think not about worldly appearances or positions, but about eternal realities. He asked us to consider the eternal consequences of our actions. If we act in Machiavellian ways, we might “gain the whole world,” but at what cost? Our eternal soul?

Today, what are you living for? Are you willing to compromise the Word of God for short-term gains? Are you letting the world shape your thinking? Or are you living for God and according to His truth? Make sure to fill your heart and mind with God’s Word. Seek eternal goals, and God will give you His eternal rewards.