Double Agents

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

While a student at Cambridge University, Kim Philby became a Communist and then a Soviet agent. In 1940, he was recruited into the British intelligence service by a man who was a double agent. Philby was so successful that, by the end of World War II, he had become head of British counterespionage operations. Then he became the top liaison officer between the British and American intelligence services.

We may never know all the damage Philby caused. On many occasions, he transmitted confidential plans to the enemy. Double agents escaped after he warned them they were about to be caught. Directly and indirectly, his actions led to defeats in battle and the deaths of many Western agents.

In the same way that Philby infiltrated intelligence services, Satan seeks to infiltrate the Body of Christ. Judas, perhaps, is the best example of this kind of infiltration. He plotted to betray Jesus, all the while fooling the other disciples. They seemed to have no idea he was a traitor.

Satan still is at work. He Sows deception and plants people among us who may sound like Christians, but who, in fact, serve our enemy. The devil also tries to infiltrate our minds and spread lies and disinformation. He wants to discourage us and cause us to adopt false ideas.

Today, be on your guard against Satan’s infiltration. Keep your spiritual eyes wide open. Make sure you’re spiritually strong and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Pray diligently, and fill your life with God’s Word. Don’t compromise. Be ready for battle!