Don’t Be Afraid or Fainthearted

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of Judah had every reason to fear. They were vulnerable, and they knew it. Their fears intensified when their ancient rival, Syria, formed an alliance with Israel, the northern kingdom.

Then the two nations “went up to Jerusalem to make war against it” (v. 1). As they looked at their resources, Judah realized they were unable to defend themselves. It was a desperate situation. What were they to do?

When they sought God, He revealed that He had a different perspective. He knew the situation and had heard the threats of the leader of Syria. He called the leaders of Syria and Israel “two stubs of smoking firebrands.”

God reminded them that He was greater than any ruler, nation, or army. They did not have to listen to the threats of Rezin or any other person. They didn’t need to be afraid or fainthearted. He didn’t want them to be nervous, anxious, or worried. Instead, He wanted them to listen to Him, to be quiet, and to not “fear or be fainthearted.”

Today there may be “smoking firebrands” in our world, threatening our life and our nation, business, church, community, or family. But when we face such firebrands, we need to turn to the Lord. We need to quiet ourselves before Him, commit ourselves to Him, and seek His face.

If you trust in God, you can be at peace. If you find fear in your heart, turn to Him. In Him, you can be strong and not fainthearted. He will give you peace, rest, and victory!