Doing Right and Living Right

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Peter lived in a time of great change. As the early Church grew, he faced rejection, conflicts, and persecution. He learned that, from a spiritual perspective, many people were foolish and guilty of “ignorance.” He used a Greek word that is the root for our English word “agnostic” (referring to those who say they don’t know if God exists).

The world still is filled with foolish and ignorant people who reject the Gospel and don’t believe God’s Word. These people are convinced that they’re right. In fact, they believe that Christians are the ones who are “foolish.”

How do we interact with people like this? Peter argued that we can silence their ignorance by “doing right.” He recognized that the world watches how Christians act–what we do, how we spend our time, and how we treat others. Peter knew that one of the best ways to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel is through a changed life–through our testimony and conduct.

This is taught consistently throughout the Bible, and it’s a principle we can apply every day. It means endeavoring to do the right thing in every situation–not just saying we believe the Bible, but actually putting it into practice. As servants of Christ, we seek to serve others, allowing the Spirit of God to work through us to demonstrate His compassion and power.

Today, ask God to help you do the right things. Seek first His Kingdom. Humble yourself, and be a servant to others. Seek to be faithful and obedient. Trust Him to intervene on your behalf with the foolish people in the world. Let Him fill you with His Spirit, that you might love others and be a vessel of His power.