Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Discipline, focus, determination, and obedience are characteristics of effective soldiers. Their efforts result in victory. Why? Because they realize that in battle, their lives constantly are in jeopardy. Enemies can attack in countless ways. Thus, soldiers cannot afford to become distracted.

Soldiers also must remember their specific roles in the military. They need to remember how they are to interact with others. This means submitting to their commanding officer. They must know their assignment and follow it precisely. They must be trained until the skills they need become second nature. They must stay focused at all times.

These also are important principles for Christians. But some fail to have the kind of focus characteristic of effective soldiers. Many simply pursue the wrong goals and think about the wrong things.

Many become distracted. In the process, they lose sight of God’s Word and His call on their lives. When these things happen, their hearts and minds become divided. They concentrate on the opinions of others or on the things of this world.

Today, seek to be a good soldier in God’s army. Don’t be entangled “in the affairs of everyday life” or occupy your time with petty problems, gossip, and other distractions. Stay focused on His call and assignments He has given you. Serve Him wholeheartedly with your time, talents, and treasures. Cooperate with His training and discipline. And let Him prepare you to achieve victory.