Distorting History

Distorting History

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For a time, Mark Antony and Octavian had been partners in the Second Triumvirate – with Marcus Aemilius Lepidus – that ruled Rome before becoming rivals. Then, while preparing for war with the Parthians, Antony fell in love with Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt. In the ensuing battles, his forces lost first to the Parthians and then to Octavian. Both he and Cleopatra then committed suicide.

Octavian was determined to shape history. He wanted future generations to believe his accounts, particularly about Antony and Cleopatra. So, he ordered the destruction of thousands of documents to be sure that history reflected his interests. Octavian’s version has been retold for two thousand years. But few realize that many so-called facts have been distorted.

The same kind of distortion took place when the chief priests didn’t want people to know that Jesus had risen from the dead. They bribed soldiers to spread a false story, believed by many.

History is filled with examples of similar distortion. We recognize this pattern when politicians try to manipulate their legacy. Skeptics seek to shape opinions about the Bible and Christianity by telling stories that sound true and support their theories.

How can you know what is fact? Ask God to confirm the truth for you. Make Jesus your Lord, and develop an intimate relationship with Him. Seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit. And don’t allow the world to shape your opinions, but stand on the truth of God’s Word.