Defeating Your Enemy with the Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Sometimes we can think the Bible is a kind of hidden treasure, unknown to our spiritual enemies. But the Bible makes it clear that Satan and his demons know God’s Word, and they know it very well. They use this knowledge to spread confusion and doubt. If we let them, they will use this knowledge to defeat us!

This is exactly what Satan did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He knew what God had said, but he was “more crafty than any beast of the field,” twisting God’s words into a message that deceived her (Genesis 3:1-8).

Likewise, Satan used actual Scripture verses when he confronted Jesus in the wilderness. Not just once, but repeatedly, the devil twisted God’s Word and quoted it out of context in order to tempt Jesus. However, Jesus was aware of Satan’s grasp of Scripture, and He wasn’t fooled. In fact, He used Scripture to defeat the devil’s lies (Matthew 4:1-11).

Satan attacks us in the same way today! Sadly, some Christians will become victims of his deception. Like Eve, they are spiritually vulnerable, unable to resist the enemy’s shrewd strategies and crafty words. This is how cults are formed and false doctrines develop. This also is how Believers can get into trouble and drift into sin and deception.

What can you do to ensure victory over this deceptive enemy? First, you need to know the Word. You can’t take this for granted! Read it every day. Memorize it. Study it. Then put it into action and stand on its promises.

Don’t let the enemy fool you. Fight back. When you’re tempted, quote Scripture. Be strong in the Holy Spirit. Don’t accept defeat or give up. You can be victorious in Jesus’ name!