Declaring New Things

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As we think about the future, we can feel overwhelmed with doubt and uncertainty. What events will unfold? Will there be war, or peace? What will happen to the economy? To our jobs?  Our families? Our churches? Our country? The world?

As we ponder these things, we can become anxious and worried. Our minds can be filled with speculation about possible troubles. And, we can allow these possibilities to rule in our hearts.

The fact is that none of us knows the future. But the Bible tells us that we need to approach one day at a time, and trust the future to God. Jesus said that we should “not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things”

(Matthew 6:34).

One reason we do not have to worry is that we serve a God who knows the future. Who is not limited by space or time. He is not worried or concerned. God told Isaiah that He declares things before they come to pass. He can tell us what will happen “before they spring into being.” And, He can declare new things in our lives.

No matter what you face, have confidence that God can declare new things for you. As you trust in Him, He can take away your fears and give you peace. You don’t have to feel limited by circumstances, or trapped by your lifestyle or bad habits. God can free you from all fear, and help you enjoy the fullness of His Kingdom. To have a life of joy, peace, and victory!

Today, trust in Him. Believe His Word. Declare His promises to be true for you.