Dealing With Sin

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Neither Adam nor Eve was honest. Each had sinned, but both sought to justify their actions and present themselves as innocent.

Neither of them accepted responsibility: Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. Yet they both knew they had done wrong, and they hid from God in an attempt to escape any punishment.

Observing their behavior, we can learn much about sin and how it impacts our lives. For just like Adam and Eve, it can be easy to ignore our sins or look for excuses. We’ve all had times when we failed to accept responsibility for our actions. Perhaps we blamed circumstances or our parents, traditions, or customs. Maybe we looked for scapegoats or refused to be honest about our own thoughts, words, or deeds.

It can take courage and boldness to face the truth and recognize our responsibility for our actions. We don’t want to acknowledge how sin separates us from God and poisons our hearts and minds. It’s hard to admit that it has destroyed our peace and complicated our lives.

Yes, this honesty means recognizing that we’ll face consequences for our actions. But this honesty also is the path to forgiveness and cleansing. It means being freed from the burden of sin and experiencing an unbroken relationship with God.

Today, ask the Lord to reveal any sin in your life. Any thoughts, words, or deeds that might be displeasing to Him. Don’t run away and hide. Don’t make excuses or don’t blame someone else. Ask Him to help you deal with your sin. Confess your sins, and receive His forgiveness. And make sure you have an unbroken relationship with Him.