Dealing With Failure

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

All of us will fail and make mistakes from time to time. When we do, some will be like Peter, who denied the Lord and then “went outside and wept bitterly” (Matthew 26:75). Yet Jesus gave Peter another chance. He forgave Peter and restored him. Jesus even used this failure to change Peter’s life and make him a blessing to others.

Judas failed too. But he could not bear the guilt and shame. Trying to deal with his deed, he reached out to the priests who had been involved in his betrayal of Jesus, but these religious leaders refused to help. They even said they had no responsibility to help him deal with his sin and failure.

Discouraged by their rejection, Judas felt that he had no hope and that nothing good could come of his situation. In light of his failures, he concluded that he had no future, and he gave up, committing suicide.

How do we react when we fail, fall short, or make mistakes? When we say or do the wrong things at work, in our relationships, in our personal lives? Will we react like Peter and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and restoration? Or will we react like Judas and give up?

Consider as well, we all have opportunities to interact with other people who have failed and who feel guilt or shame, regret or rejection. How will we respond to them? Will we be compassionate or filled with judgment? Eager to restore or condemning?

Today, remember these lessons. When you experience failure, don’t give up. Turn to Jesus. Be honest, and confess your sins. Let Him forgive and restore you. And let Him use you to be an agent of His healing, forgiveness, and restoration in the lives of others.