Who Will Go?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many in the West were concerned. Looking east, they saw the growing threat of the Mongol empire. Then, rumors began to spread. Amazingly, it was reported that some Mongol leaders were Christians. Was this too good to be true? Just a rumor?

A decision was made to send a team to learn more. This team, led by William of Ruisbroek, left Constantinople on this day in 1253. Among his goals was to visit Sartak, one of the Mongol warlords, in his home territory north of the Crimean Sea.

Besides learning the truth about Sartak’s beliefs, the group hoped to encourage any believers they found among the Mongols. When William arrived, he learned that Sartak was not a Christian, but his father had some Christian influence. There also were other Christians in the camp.

Eager to learn more, William and his team journeyed farther east. After traveling across difficult terrain for weeks in the depths of winter, they arrived in Karakoram in Mongolia in January 1254.

They discovered other Europeans already present, as captives of war. There even were some Christians. William had the opportunity to meet the Great Khan, leader of the Mongols, even witnessing about the Gospel.

During his eight-month visit, William preached the Word, baptizing and encouraging believers. This mission opened the door to further spreading the Gospel in Asia.

The needs today are even greater than in William’s time. More than two billion people have never once heard the name of Jesus. Who will bring them the Good News?

In history, men like William have answered the call. Like Isaiah, they were ready to follow God’s leading. Today, who will dedicate their lives to the Gospel? How will you answer His call?