No Plan Can Succeed Against God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Everyone we know has an opinion about our choices, and what we should do. We get advice from people all around us. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are not.

God wants us to realize that human logic and opinions might make sense. But no human reasoning can compare with His wisdom. That only He is the source of true wisdom.

When faced with decisions, the Bible reminds us to start by seeking God. By filling our minds and hearts with His Word, and make it the basis of our thoughts. To stand on His Word, regardless of the opinions of other people.

As we focus on God, we need to submit our lives to Him. To live according to His Word. Not to make assumptions but remain sensitive to His Spirit. To seek to follow His leading, in matters great and small, practical and spiritual.

The Bible promises that when our lives are in harmony with God’s plans, then no other plan can succeed against us. We may experience temporary setbacks but the Bible promises ultimate success, as we depend on Him.

What boldness and assurance this should give us! If we have this degree of trust in Him, we have an incredible level of confidence. We can know that other people may plot and plan, but they cannot succeed against Him.

If we are with God and we are obedient to Him in every way, we can know that He is with us to guide, protect, bless and empower us. How wonderful to know His wisdom and rest in it!

In your life, make sure that you are in the center of God’s plans for you. Seek Him. Stay sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. And enjoy the confidence, joy, and peace He promises from knowing that no plan can succeed against Him!