Fire and Hammer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many were claiming to speak for God. In fact, their “prophesies” sounded genuine. These men knew how to speak in His name. But there was one problem: God had not sent any of these men. Their words, although sounding credible, were false. Their messages, in fact, were deceptive. And these men did not have God’s anointing, and their words did not have His power.

Through Jeremiah, God warned that these “prophets” were liars who spoke “deceit of their own heart” with words that were just personal opinions.

But the Bible tells us that His Word is different. It is “living and powerful” (Hebrews 4:12). When He speaks, His Word accomplishes what He pleases (Isaiah 55:11).

The Bible is filled with examples of the power of God’s Word.  The world was spoken into existence by His Word. Through His Word, miracles took place. The blind could see. Armies were defeated. The impossible became impossible.

Through Jeremiah, God revealed that we need to approach His Word with awe and reverence. For His words have an impact that is shattering and awe-inspiring! God’s words are not mere opinions, but they are like fire. Able to burn and consume. Like a hammer smashing rocks.

What is your attitude toward God’s Word? Don’t take it for granted!

Read and study His Word. Fill your mind with His Promises. Speak His Word. Stand on His Word. Believe His Word. Then apply His Word. Put His promises into action that you might be changed and experience this dynamic force in your life.