Dare to Be a Daniel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is something most people find difficult to do. To stand alone, against the pressures of the crowd. It can feel like trying to resist hurricane-force winds, or block the momentum of an avalanche. How much easier to do what seems popular. What we are expected to do. Not to “rock the boat.”

But the challenge comes when we feel the majority is wrong. When we feel compelled to take a different course. We may be outnumbered. Our motives might be questioned, but we cannot help but stand on our convictions. We simply cannot conform or compromise what we believe.

Daniel provides a powerful example of a man willing to stand alone. It did not matter that the leadership of Babylon insisted on a particular diet. He knew he was right and that giving in would mean defiling himself. “But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself.” It didn’t matter what pressure others applied.

His example was the inspiration for a song Philip Bliss wrote for his Sunday school class in 1873. The title conveyed the message Bliss wanted to emphasize: “Dare to Be a Daniel.”

He challenged believers to be like Daniel, to stand “by a purpose true,” always heeding “God’s command.” Bliss knew that this took courage. It could be easy to be afraid when confronting giants that were “stalking through the land.” But he was confident that even these giants would fall if confronted by believers with the same courage Daniel displayed.

His cry was that believers should not be timid, but “hold the Gospel banner high.” Like Daniel, believers should be confident that God is with us and be willing to share our faith.

Don’t allow your values to be shaped by popular opinion. Remember: God is with you. Stand for the truths in His Word. Dare to be like Daniel!