Daily Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For years while they were in Egypt, the Israelites had an ordered existence. Everything had been controlled by their masters. This felt like “bondage,” and they cried to God for help (Exodus 2:23).

It was a great day when they left Egypt. But as much as they celebrated their new freedom, there were times when some craved the stable lifestyle they left behind. They forgot the bondage and just remembered the certainty Egypt provided.

In their journey, they discovered that freedom brought new challenges. They could not move whenever they wanted. They couldn’t see the future but had to rely on God’s direction. They had to be careful to obey Him and follow His direction.

This meant being ready to move “when the cloud was lifted.” That could be in the morning or evening. They never knew whether they would stay in a place for “two days or a month or a year.” Every day presented new situations and fresh opportunities to trust God.

They constantly had to be ready to follow Him. Always sensitive to His Spirit. Ready for His leading, moment by moment.

God works the same way in our lives. The Bible reminds us that He asks us to let Him guide us every minute of the day. Constantly to live by faith. We always are to be ready to follow Him, remembering that He may lead us in different ways at different times.

In your life, remember that real freedom comes when you surrender your life wholeheartedly to God, and let Him direct your path. And completely trust in Him.