Curious About the Supernatural

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What is the secret to attracting audiences? This is a question asked by every television executive.

One producer recently declared the conclusion of many that the answer is to feature the “supernatural.” He confessed that today’s audiences have had “a real hunger…for stories that pushed the boundaries of the supernatural.” He promised programs that would tell “more supernatural stories,” without watering down these elements.

We witness this fascination in many recent TV programs, movies, and books. But this has been true throughout history. Whole cultures have been obsessed with the supernatural, as well as with burial rites and religious ceremonies designed to placate the gods.

The Bible tells us that the dark powers of our enemy are very real, but God’s power is infinitely greater. We see this when Moses confronted the Egyptians (Exodus 7) and Daniel faced the Chaldeans (Daniel 2). And this was demonstrated convincingly to the people of Samaria in Acts 8.

A magician named Simon was impressed when he saw “people receiving the Holy Spirit.” Witnessing the power being displayed, Simon offered money, wanting this for himself. But Peter rebuked him.

Many today are just like Simon, fascinated by the supernatural. In an effort to gain more power, they dabble in black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, or Satanism. Some think this is harmless, unaware how easily they can be drawn further and deeper into Satan’s snares.

In your life, remember that although the enemy’s supernatural power is real, God’s power is far greater. Be alert to Satan’s deceptions, focused on God’s Kingdom and the truths in the Bible. Learn to exercise your authority as a Believer to defeat the works of Satan with the power of God.