Countless Blessings

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Leila Morris was active in her church. Born in Ohio in 1862, she wrote more than 1,000 Gospel songs, many while she was a church organist.

In 1908, she wrote a hymn that described the many blessings God had given her. In this hymn, called “Countless Blessings,” she described how her pathway had been “crowned and crowded with God’s blessings.”

She had been blessed with countless new things “from His bounty.” She tried to count them, “but when I begin, I can only stop and marvel at the view.”

She had experienced how blessings have overflowed to her from God’s storehouse (Malachi 3:10). She could testify that He had supplied her “every need” with His “lavish hand.” She received “untold mercies” from Him every day. It was impossible “to comprehend His goodness.”

She was overwhelmed with gratitude for all that He had done for her. But she didn’t keep these blessings to herself. She knew that all around her were hearts broken by sin and sorrow. To them, she promised to “pass my blessings on to cheer their way.”

She knew that God’s blessings would flow throughout her life without end. “With my way to Him committed, nothing shall I lack for I have the Blesser with me all the time.”

Think about the many ways God has blessed you! Don’t be silent. Praise Him! Thank Him. Serve Him! And share with others!