Convincing Words

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

King Rehoboam had been defiant. Jeroboam and others asked him to lighten their burdens. But Rehoboam wouldn’t relent. After all, he was king. As a result, 10 of the tribes decided to form their own kingdom, which came to be known as Israel.

After one of his representatives was stoned to death, Rehoboam seemed to realize the seriousness of the rebellion. He returned to Jerusalem and began to prepare for war. He built defenses and assembled an army of warriors.

Then something remarkable happened. God spoke to a man named Shemaiah, saying he was to tell Rehoboam not to fight Israel. How might Shemaiah have reacted to these instructions? He might have feared for his life, or he could have assumed this assignment was futile, since Rehoboam probably would ignore his words.

Yet, regardless of any concerns, Shemaiah faithfully delivered God’s message. And Rehoboam and his advisers actually listened. They decided to obey God and not fight Jeroboam.

This message from Shemaiah must have been powerful and convincing. It must have reminded Rehoboam about the spiritual roots of his people and how God had led them in the past. The effect of his words was so clear and unmistakable that they led to a complete change in direction, as people who had been preparing for war put aside their weapons.

This is the amazing impact that can occur when God intervenes in a situation. But it requires a willing servant—someone like Shemaiah, who hears and obeys God. When the Lord’s message is delivered through willing vessels, lives change and history is altered. God’s sovereign will is accomplished.