Controlled and Sustained by Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do we react when things don’t go our way? When God doesn’t seem to answer our prayers as we expected? When we experience roadblocks or difficulties? Our first reaction may be to give up or stop believing. We may assume that God has rejected us or not heard us. We may think that nothing will change.

But the Bible tells us that faith means believing in God even if what we’re believing for doesn’t happen—even when it seems that it never will happen. This may seem illogical or foolish, but this is a characteristic of genuine faith.

The Bible describes people who have “died controlled and sustained by their faith.” Even up to the moment of their own death, they continued to believe in God and His promises. They had the kind of faith that could not be shaken.

This kind of faith is based on God and His unchanging character, not on what we see or think or how events appear to our eyes. We need to be “controlled and sustained” by faith, no matter what happens and no matter what other people may say.

In your life, you may experience delays, uncertainties, and problems. You may not see God’s promises being fulfilled in the way you expect. Your prayers may not seem to be answered. You may not see tangible results from the work you’ve done and what you’ve believed. But always remember that the essence of our Christian life is to continue to serve and believe and have faith in God…no matter what happens!

When you do this, you join the ranks of saints who have been “controlled and sustained by their faith”—who have had the kind of faith that moves mountains.