Continually Seek God

Continually Seek God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The psalmist felt unfairly accused. What particularly bothered him was that many of his oppressors were “deceitful and unjust.” He turned to God, pleading for His defense. Although he was taking refuge in God, he still felt besieged. Instead of experiencing deliverance, he felt rejected.

Facing these kinds of troubles, others might have given up or stopped looking to God. Instead, the psalmist intensified his focus on Him. David cried out to God, “Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me” (v. 3).

Renewed in his confidence, the psalmist then imagined the day when his circumstances would change. He would be vindicated by God, who would reward him for his faithfulness. It would be a time of “exceeding joy” as he would be filled with praise (v. 4).

As we face life’s troubles, we, too, can be tempted to give up. If we don’t see immediate change, we can wonder when God will intervene and circumstances will turn around. We need to strengthen our relationship with Him while we wait. Let Him know that we still trust Him. Seek Him with renewed intensity. Be led by His light.

You might feel cast down and in turmoil. But the Bible promises that as you hope in God, you can be confident, sure that He will deliver you. You will praise Him again. You always should remember that He is your salvation.