Consequences of Compromise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Compromise has been a constant temptation ever since Satan convinced Adam and Eve to reinterpret God’s Word his way. Compromise teaches that we really don’t need to obey God completely…that God isn’t sovereign…that there is no absolute truth…that we can pick and choose what we think is right…and that we can follow the world or do whatever we want.

Joshua knew that compromise could be tantalizing. He understood that the world can tempt us with lifestyles and activities which seem attractive, and we easily can be deceived.

Joshua called on his people to remember their history. They were to recall that God blessed those who obeyed Him and fulfilled the conditions to His blessings. They had been successful only because of God. When they obeyed Him, He blessed them and brought victory. Joshua warned that they needed to be alert to the constant temptation of compromise, which would be fatal.

Sadly, Joshua’s warnings were ignored, and Israel eventually gave in to compromise. As a result, God stopped fighting for them. His blessings stopped flowing. His protection was removed. They experienced defeat and “perished from off this good land.”

Today, listen to these warnings. Remember that the world seeks to deceive you with clever words. It lures you with rewards that seem so desirable. It urges you to reject God and His Word.

But if you want success, make an unwavering commitment to obey God and His Word. Love Him and seek an intimate, personal relationship with Him. Trust Him. Have faith in Him. Avoid compromise.