Confident in God

Confident in God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The psalmist, David, had real problems. Overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, he needed help. He felt pain and despair. With his resources proving inadequate, he hoped he could find answers. If he cried, he wasn’t sure anyone would respond. It was a desperate situation, and he needed to know what to do.

But looking back over his life he realized that, in situations like this, if He called, God had heard and answered him. The psalmist was confident that he could call on Him at any time. Repeatedly, God proved Himself faithful.

When God answered, everything changed. His problems were solved. His needs were met. In addition, God demonstrated that He really cared for David and loved him.

Each of us has an opportunity to learn these things for ourselves. We will go through situations in which our own strength, wisdom, and resources fail us. Then we have opportunities to realize just how dependable God is. We can depend on Him and know how much He loves us.

This is not about a religion but a relationship – knowing God Almighty intimately and personally. Love His Word. Trust Him.

No matter what challenges you face, realize that God is with you. You can call to Him about any situations you face, confident that He will hear you and answer your prayers. Remember, you can call on Him as long as you live!