Complete Victory

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Through the process of leaving Egypt and conquering the Promised Land, the Israelites faced opposition from many people and armies. Yet, as this process was retold, two men stood out: Sihon (king of the Amorites) and Og (king of Bashan). For years, the Israelites continued to sing and tell stories about these two men. Og is referenced in 22 verses throughout the Old Testament, and Sihon is referenced in 34 verses!

Why were these kings so important? Because they symbolized a time when Israel obeyed the Lord completely. When, as a result, He brought them overwhelming victory (Numbers 21:23-35).

After entering the Promised Land, the Israelites often compromised and adapted the lifestyles of the people around them. Many tribes never fully conquered the territory they were given. They became content with partial victories and often settled for less than God’s best. As a consequence, Israel failed to achieve the lasting victory and abundance God desired.

But, whenever they sang about Sihon and Og they were remembering the time when they did not doubt but fully believed and obeyed God. They were reminded that He really wanted them to experience total victory.

The Bible promises that God desires full victory and complete blessing for you. He wants you to experience an abundant life, and not be defeated by nagging problems. Don’t be content with anything less than all that He prepared for you. Don’t compromise or be content with less than God’s best. God wants you to enjoy every blessing and the fulfillment of every promise.

Don’t give in to a defeatist attitude, but believe Him for complete victory in every area of your life. He can give you victory over sin, poverty, bad habits, and anything else that might attack you. Believe His Word and have faith that all of it is true for you.