Committed to the Basics

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Experienced musicians, eager to advance in their craft, can find themselves concentrating on more difficult music, feeling that the basics are just for beginners. But, as many masters can testify, focusing on fundamentals is a vital key to advancement.

One legendary trumpeter strongly emphasized the importance of warming up and practicing “long tones in all registers and volumes.” A master trombonist said that aspiring musicians must practice “slow scales every day.” The point was not just to play faster but more clearly and with better tone, never overlooking the basics. Perhaps counterintuitively, it’s important to realize that the way to advance is often to slow down and concentrate on musical fundamentals.

These same principles applied in our spiritual lives. How easily we can take for granted basics like living according to the Bible. In fact, the Word is foundational for success in life. Its principles always are true, in our personal lives and business…whether we are young or old.

In fact, we cannot grow spiritually and stay on track unless we remain committed to know and live by the Word. This can keep us pure and prevent us from wandering off course.

God has not made the Christian life complicated. You simply need to trust in Him with all your heart and “not lean on your own understanding.” As you do these things and acknowledge Him in everything you do, He will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Have you forgotten about the basics? Remember that these are the key to avoiding mistakes, staying on the right path, and moving toward maturity. Stay humble before God, and foster an intimate relationship with Him. Never tire of studying and obeying His Word.