Commitment to Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jeremiah Lanphier’s commitment to prayer led to the revival of 1857, one of the greatest moves of God in history. But his devotion to prayer came only after he had totally surrendered himself to God.

According to the book, America’s Great Revivals, he struggled with this burden for a long time, until “at last I resolved to give myself to the work.” Because Lanphier dedicated himself wholly to prayer, tens of thousands of lives were changed.

Paul said we’re to “be constant in prayer.” Those with this kind of dedication recognize the importance of prayer, the power of prayer, and the privilege we have in prayer. God does not force us to pray or set limits regarding how often we pray. Those decisions are up to each of us. We can determine what we pray about, when we pray, and where we pray.

Many people think of prayer as something to be done in the morning or at night, before meals, during church services, or just when we’re in trouble. But the Bible calls us to embrace a deeper dimension of prayer. We’re called to be devoted to prayer…to continue in an attitude of prayer every minute of the day…to pray all the time, silently or aloud…and to persevere in prayer, without giving up.

Today, remember that prayer is a wonderful privilege God has given you. You have His invitation—and command—to pray and to seek Him!

Through prayer, you can change the world, influence the lives of your friends and family, and bring revival to your own life. This starts after you’ve surrendered yourself to God and dedicated yourself to a life of prayer. You have that opportunity, right now. Make prayer a priority.