Commit Your Heart

Commit Your Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Some people think that turning to God is a kind of magic formula. They think there are no consequences for their actions and that everything will work out the way they want, when they want. Jeremiah was confronted with people who felt this way. They expected immediate results. Instead, problems continued. Then, when things did not change according to their timetable, they turned away from God and returned to their sinful ways.

Their reactions revealed that they really weren’t interested in serving God. They weren’t interested in meeting the qualifications; they really just wanted the benefits.

But God has a different perspective. He knows how often people make promises only to change their minds. He hears their words but is more concerned about the true condition of their hearts and their real attitudes. He’s interested in their eternal destiny, not in quick fixes.

The Bible makes clear that God wants our hearts. We are to “seek first His kingdom,” confident that He will provide everything we need (Matthew 6:25-33). We need to understand the eternal consequences of our actions and to serve Him regardless of the circumstances.

Today, make sure to turn to God for solutions to the problems you face. But remember to make an unconditional commitment. Don’t waver if you don’t see immediate results. Remain resolute. He has not forgotten you. He is the God of all eternity. You can trust Him.