Closed Minds

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

These religious leaders had no doubts. They felt that they alone correctly understood the Law and the true meaning of the Prophets. Consequently, no one could teach them anything, and there was nothing new to learn. They thought God wouldn’t do anything outside their expectations, and they felt they had the right and responsibility to silence anyone who disagreed with them.

Because of their preconceived ideas, they decided that Jesus couldn’t possibly have been sent by God. And there was no way they could be wrong on this conclusion.

As a result, they made no effort to understand Jesus or listen objectively to His message. They never sought God or prayed with a humble, open heart and mind. Their only response was to try to silence Jesus and look for a way to “destroy Him.”

How easy it can be to criticize the attitudes and actions of these Pharisees. But the fact is that all of us can be guilty of the same kinds of errors. Instead of condemning the Pharisees, ask yourself if you are like them in any way. Are you teachable or is your mind closed? Are you open and sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit? Are you listening to God with ears ready to hear, even if that means changing your preconceptions?

Today, humble yourself before God. Seek His face and cry out to Him for greater insights and revelations. Let Him guide you, correct you, and teach you. Remember: There is much more for you to learn!