Chosen and Faithful

Chosen and Faithful

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible describes a great war that takes place when the Lamb (Jesus) will overcome Satan since He is the “Lord of lords and King of kings.” He shares this victory with people displaying three characteristics: Those who are called, chosen, and faithful.

In the battle being waged against God, He looks for people to be part of His army and share in both the battle and the victory. He looks for people who realize they have been called and chosen. These people have been given special gifts and abilities.

They have been called to accomplish specific tasks to serve Him. They are called by name. He wants to fellowship with these people. He has specially invited and selected them to join His ranks.

Finally, the Lamb looks for people who are faithful. These are people who have proven to be trustworthy and reliable, who delight to serve Him, and who fulfill His call without hesitation.

Today, make sure that you are cultivating these characteristics in your life. Seek to be faithful and trustworthy. Realize that God has chosen you and wants you to be dedicated to serve Him. Be serious about your ministry and the responsibilities He has given to you. Be grateful! The King of kings and Lord of lords has a special calling just for you! And He wants you to share in His victory!