Choices and Rewards

Choices and Rewards

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God wanted the Israelites to know that they were shaping their destiny by the decisions they made each day. As they faced crossroads, they could receive blessings or curses. He gave them the freedom to choose, with opportunities to decide the principles that would impact the outcome.

They soon realized that God’s words were true. When they followed His direction, He blessed them. But when they rejected His commands, they no longer experienced His blessings.

Each of us has been given these same kinds of opportunities every day. We face choices about our relationships and families, our time and resources. The question is, what kinds of decisions will we make? What are our priorities? Do our standards align with what’s in the Bible?

God’s Word is filled with principles that can result in His blessing. But to receive these blessings we need to remember that we cannot receive them if we ignore His Word or go our own way. We need to follow His commands faithfully.

The Bible reminds us that our future is being shaped by the decisions we make day by day. At the same time, these same choices are determining the kinds of rewards that are awaiting us in heaven.

Ask God to help you make the right choices. Seek to make choices that will lead to His blessings and bring rewards in this lifetime and the world to come.