Changing Our Minds

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Israelites were united. As outsiders living in Egypt, they were hated and treated as slaves, deprived of any rights. They were distrusted and considered as possible enemies. There seemed no option but to leave.

After God brought a series of plagues on the land, Pharaoh finally allowed the Israelites to leave. Although they didn’t know what was ahead, they certainly never imagined any conditions in which they would want to return to Egypt.

But God knew the future, and He had a different perspective. Understanding human nature, He knew the Israelites’ attitude might change when they faced problems (Numbers 14:1-4). So He did not lead them on a direct path toward the Promised Land. He knew that, faced with problems, they might “change their minds” and even want to “return to Egypt.” As a result, the Lord led them a different way.

How often we may be surprised at the way God leads us. We may be caught off guard by the events that He allows in our lives.

Sometimes we even may feel invincible, assuming that we never would change or compromise. Maybe this was Peter’s mind-set when he told Jesus he never would deny Him. Within minutes, Peter had done exactly that (Matthew 26:34-75).

In your life, remember these truths when you think about how God directs you. As you look back at your life, think about how often you’ve changed your mind and even done what you said you would never do. Remember how short your memory can be. In every situation, trust God. He is with you. He knows the future, and you can be confident that He will lead you on the right path.