Changing Behavior

Changing Behavior

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Does the media only reflect the attitudes of a society? Or does it actually shape behavior?

Many film studio executives have argued that their content is just entertainment, so they can’t be held responsible for the impact of their work.

But if you really want to understand the power of the media, talk to any advertising professional. Although they may think of their work as art or an exercise in creativity, they have no doubt about their objective, which is to influence their audience.

Advertising legend Rosser Reeves stressed that the goal of his advertising was not to be creative but to sell: If a copywriter isn’t a salesman, then he is a bad copywriter. William Bernbach, creative director and ad agency founder, stated that advertising is the art of persuasion. The motto of one of the oldest agencies in America was; it’s not creative unless it sells.
The goal of these men was simple but uncompromising: Use media to change behavior.

Many people are seeking to change your thinking and influence your behavior. They’re not just advertisers and marketers, but politicians, authors, and celebrities. Their arguments often sound convincing.

What you see and hear does impact your mind. When you watch a program or ad, remember that someone wants to change your ideas and your behavior.

Don’t allow the messages and images around you to shape your thoughts. Make sure your life is founded on faith in Jesus.