Changed in a Moment

Changed in a Moment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It would be hard to imagine a person more opposed to Christianity than Saul of Tarsus. He sought to destroy the church and throw believers in prison. He took his quest to Damascus, seeking to arrest any followers of Jesus.

Yet in only a moment, this determined anti-Christian completely changed. All it took was a supernatural encounter with Jesus Himself. Without warning, he realized that all of his assumptions had been wrong.

No one, in fact, had been expecting a change, certainly not the Christian community. They had been hounded by Saul and scattered in an attempt to escape persecution. They must have wondered if the persecution ever would end. Their lives, and the history of the world, changed the moment Saul met Jesus on the road to Damascus.

If God can change a man like Saul, surely He can change men and women today. He can change even the most hardened atheist and the most bitter opponent of Christianity. He can change people who are headed in the wrong direction and who have no sympathy for the things of God.

Today, think about people who need Jesus in their lives. Do not be discouraged if they seem to reject the Gospel at first. Pray for them. Continue to commit them to God persistently and relentlessly. Continue to believe that the same God who suddenly changed Saul will suddenly change them!