By the Spirit

By the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Zechariah lived when God’s people were ruled by Babylon. Many had given up hope or become discouraged. Many exiles felt they never would return to their homeland. It was in this climate that God gave Zechariah a dream about the reconstruction of the Temple. This must have seemed like something impossible. He was further confused by a vision that God gave him.

As Zechariah sought to understand, God encouraged him to focus on the Holy Spirit. If Zechariah depended on the Spirit, drew strength from Him, and operated in His power, anything was possible. Even a mighty mountain could become as flat as a plain!

That same Spirit is available to you. On the surface, you may face problems that seem impossible to solve. But the Bible teaches that, with the Spirit, there are no limits. He has no human restrictions.

Through the Spirit, you can have victory. He can give you peace and wisdom, free you from fear, and deliver you from oppression. He can lift confusion and bring clarity. He can help you overcome your weaknesses and give you supernatural strength. He can change you, and give you His fruit and gifts.

Today, seek to be filled anew with the Spirit. Everything changes when you are flowing with the Spirit. Don’t depend on your own skills or resources. Instead, depend on Him.

Be more sensitive to His presence. He can enable you to pray with impact and be an instrument of God’s power. Through Him, all things are possible, and nothing is impossible.