Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The poet Juvenal is best known for writing brilliant satires, inspired by his observations of life in the Roman Empire. Born around 55 AD, Juvenal gained fame for his comment that “people long eagerly for just two things – bread and circuses.” What did he mean?

He realized how readily people looked for escapes. Rather than face reality, many were willing to become distracted by food and fun.

We see these same principles in the world today. And many of Juvenal’s insights could be said to reflect trends in our time.

Looking around, we realize that many people spend their lives focused on escapes like TV programs, sports, social activities, social media, fantasies, and hobbies. But all these forms of “bread and circus” can distract them from facing reality or the things of God.

Many are so preoccupied with escapes that they rarely think about spiritual matters. This can even happen to believers! But eventually, like the writer of Ecclesiastes, all of us will realize that these distractions are “like chasing the wind.” They consume our time and energy but rarely leading to things that matter in eternity.

Ask God to show you if you are allowing the “bread and circuses” of life to distract you from serving Him. Don’t let the world or its escapes keep a grip on your heart and mind. Surrender your life anew to God. Make it your priority to seek first His Kingdom.