Bountiful Reaping

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some Christians are actively rejecting the concept of tithing. The story reported that some were beginning to consider tithing “a misreading of the Bible” and “a practice created by man, not God.”

Clearly, the subject of giving to the work of God remains controversial to a lot of people. Many pastors receive angry criticism when they dare to preach about stewardship. Skeptics mock and criticize ministries that ask people to give.

According to Barna Research, only 3% of adults in the U.S. tithe. The rate is even lower in other countries. Yet the Bible teaches that tithing is an important principle. Jesus, in fact, said we should not neglect to tithe (Luke 11:42). Why? Because tithing demonstrates that we place God first and realize we owe everything to Him.

Beyond tithing, giving of our resources is an important way we Sow Seeds into God’s Kingdom. By the level of our giving, we determine the kind of return we’ll receive. If we Sow “sparingly,” we will “reap sparingly.” If we want to “reap bountifully,” we need to Sow “bountifully.”

God doesn’t want us to be stingy or reluctant. Giving is to be an act of worship, an opportunity to celebrate our trust in Him, and the gateway to receiving more of His bounty.

Today, make sure to celebrate your opportunity to give to God—not as an obligation, but as a privilege! View your gifts as Seeds you’re sowing into His Kingdom—powerful opportunities to serve Him, bring Him glory, show your gratitude, and unlock His blessings!