Bold Spiritual Authority

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The disciples had seen Jesus perform miracles. They knew He had authority and power. But the time came when they needed to perform miracles themselves.

The disciples’ opportunity came when Jesus sent out 70 of them to minister in His name. Some might have been apprehensive or unsure. However, when they applied the principles Jesus had taught them, they realized that everything He said was true! They “returned with joy,” having experienced power even over demons and demonic forces!

Instead of doubting or being filled with worry, the disciples simply had obeyed Jesus’ commission. They believed He had given them authority! As a result, amazing things happened!

This is the kind of power and authority God offers all of us as His children. But this miracle-working power is only released when we’re obedient to His Word, faithful to His call on our lives, and acting in the authority we’ve been given.

Sadly, many Christians go through life failing to grasp this awesome authority. They sit back and accept defeat, filled with fear and doubt. Instead of being bold, they’re silent. They live their lives as victims, not victors.

Today, don’t be timid or weak. Fill your life with the Word of God, and believe it! Have the courage to put His Word into practice in your life. Don’t allow the enemy to defeat you or steal the victory God already has given you.

Believe God’s promises—all of them! Be bold, and declare victory over the enemy’s schemes. Act upon the authority God already has given you!