Blinded by Pride

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jeremiah had faithfully delivered the message that God had given. But his audience refused to accept that this message was genuine. They concluded that Jeremiah was not telling the truth, and that he did not speak for God. What was the authority for their conclusion?

Obviously, they felt supremely confident. They might have thought that they knew God’s plans and understood His will, but, in fact, they simply had predetermined what they wanted, and assumed that God would approve.

But God had another perspective. In fact, these men had misinterpreted His Word and missed His true message.

The Bible says they were “arrogant.” The Hebrew word suggests that they depended on themselves, and were confident in their own abilities and reasoning. This lack of humility meant that their hearts were not open to God’s leading and direction. Regardless of what they thought, in reality, they were not listening or seeking Him.

This describes many people today. Totally certain, they presume to have all the answers. Proud and defiant, and determined to stick to their own expectations and interpretation. They do not realize this, but their arrogance has blinded them, and blocked them from hearing God’s true revelation.

How easy it can be for us to be arrogant, just like these men. Defiantly stubborn, not just confident but actually having closed minds. Not open to the Spirit. Not teachable. And, in the process, we can find ourselves missing the voice of God. Spiritually blind and stubborn.

In your life, remember the importance of being humble before God. To be open to the move of His Spirit. Remember how much there is for you to learn, about His Word and the world. Pray for a teachable spirit. That God would open your eyes. That you would be ready to receive His revelation, even when it might be surprising and unexpected.