Beyond Comprehension

Beyond Comprehension

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Dora Greenwell had a keen intellect but also suffered from poor health. Born on this day in 1821, she became a published poet, with many of her poems being converted into hymns.

She developed a passion for the plight of children, particularly those with learning difficulties. We feel her sensitivity in a poem she wrote called “I Am Not Skilled to Understand.”

Here she described being amazed at the love of God. She could not begin to “understand what God has willed.” His plans were beyond comprehension. But she knew her relationship was real and that He was by her side!

It was overwhelming to realize that Jesus left Heaven and came “for sinful man to die.” In her human moments, it all seemed too hard to believe. But she knew it was true and that life was changed because she knew Him as her Savior! In her flesh, she might have been weak, but she could draw all the strength she needed from her relationship with Him.

How real is Jesus to you? Many, particularly in the Christmas season, know something of Jesus’ story. But how many know Him personally? How many are changed by His life?

Remember, the Bible story is real. Jesus is by your side, ready to help you, protect you, provide for you. His promises can seem beyond understanding but they are all true. And they are true for everyone – for you!