Bewildered, Amazed, Astonished

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus had promised that when the Spirit came, His disciples would “receive power.” But no one really knew what to expect. Then, when the Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost, everything changed. Ordinary men could do extraordinary things.

We gain specific insights from the devout men who observed these events. They had come to Jerusalem “from every nation under heaven.” They were serious about their faith. Many must have been students of the Scriptures. But they found their vocabulary inadequate to describe the outpouring of the Spirit.

The Bible says they were “bewildered.” The Greek word suggests that they were perplexed. As if every expectation had been shattered. Their worldview was disrupted.

Second, they were “amazed.” The Greek word indicates they were astounded. What they saw almost defied belief. Third, they were “astonished.” The Greek word expressed a sense of wonder. They marveled at what was taking place. These Godly men and women knew of the miracles from history like the parting of the Red Sea and manna in the wilderness. But what they were seeing was new. They had difficulty understanding and explaining what was happening. They were perplexed. Overwhelmed.

What they had seen was the work of the Holy Spirit. They were discovering what men and women throughout the ages have discovered. That, with the Holy Spirit, nothing is impossible. All limits are removed. Amazing things can happen.

This is more than an event from history. This is a reminder of what the Spirit can do today! He is willing, available, and ready to amaze and astonish. Fill you with wonder. Shatter your preconceived ideas. Stretch your imagination. Break every boundary. Give you new understanding.

Open your heart and mind to the Spirit. Give Him permission to intervene. And be prepared to be amazed and astonished.