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Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton seemed to have a cordial relationship. Perhaps the most brilliant minds of the 17th century, each man independently had developed the principles of calculus.

As author Edward Dolnick describes, before the public these men praised each other, but privately each condemned the other, with attacks published anonymously. Then they covered their true feelings by professing shock and dismay when hearing what had been said.

As their dispute demonstrated, there are many ways we can be attacked. However, perhaps the most painful problems result from the opposition from people we have considered friends. Family members. Colleagues in our church or community. People who seemed to have the same goals. People we seem to respect, like Leibniz and Newton.

David expressed the hurt in his heart when he thought about the taunting he was receiving from a “familiar friend.” This was a person he had once considered his “companion.” The wounds from this person were particularly deep and hard to overcome.

Perhaps the most vivid example of this kind of betrayal in the Bible is the way Judas betrayed Jesus. How he actually delivered Jesus over to the religious leaders with action that directly led to His crucifixion. The Bible makes clear that Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him. Yet He did not reach out and strike him, but continued looking at him with a heart of love and compassion.

Do you ever feel betrayed? Your heart may feel wounded, but these are opportunities to demonstrate the work of the Spirit in your life. Your flesh may want to strike out in anger and revenge, but of more importance is the reaction of the Spirit. To give you the right attitude.