Becoming More Fruitful

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesAugust 7, 20182 Minutes

Simon and his colleagues were experienced fishermen. They were skilled professionals, applying techniques that had been honed over generations. Yet Jesus was able to show them a new approach to their work that generated better results.

These principles apply to all of us, and any type of activity. No matter our experience, there are ways we can improve. Even if our techniques have been refined over many years, there still can be new ways we can approach each task.

Instead of being set in our ways, we need to learn from the disciples and be willing to do things differently, as Jesus directs. He knows and understands more than we do. He is ready to help us, answer our prayers, and make our lives more fruitful. But we must be willing to listen to Him and obey His direction.

He may want to show us answers to the problems we face on our jobs and relationships. He may want to give us new insights to our lifestyle, health, or finances. We may not always understand what He is asking of us, but we need to be willing to let Him teach us new things.

Today, submit your life anew to God. Ask Him for guidance and wisdom. Ask Him to open your eyes to new approaches to the challenges of life. Have faith that He can help you solve problems that do not seem to have solutions. He can open up new doors that can revolutionize your work. He can heal relationships and make your life more fruitful.

Seek Him with your whole heart and be willing to follow His leading.