Be an Example

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 2011, a violin (called the “Lady Blunt”) sold at auction for about $15 million. What a staggering amount for one violin! Why was this violin so special?

It was made by famed 18th century Italian instrument maker, Stradivari. Yet, ironically, as author Toby Faber explained, during Stradivari’s lifetime these violins “were not even the most sought-after.” Today they continue to grow in value and have become regarded as “the best in the world.”

What is it that gives these violins such value? Partly because Stradivari chose the wood carefully and made each instrument by hand. They also have gained in value because of their scarcity, for only about 600 of his violins survive. But, in reality, their “continuing supremacy” is a great mystery. No one really knows exactly why.

Recently two researchers began a study to try to solve this mystery. Using computer models, replicas were built with the same acoustic properties as Stradivari’s violins. But it will take years to know if they have been successful.

It is hard to produce something unique, genuine, and special. This is true not only for violins, but also for people. Paul told the Thessalonians that they should follow his example. He said that he and his colleagues were offering themselves as a model, so others “would follow our example.”

In your life, ask yourself whose model are you following? Are you basing your life on the Word of God? Are you a true disciple of Jesus? Or are you following the ways of the world?

Seek to live such a life of excellence that others would know you are a spiritual “Stradivarius.” Declare that the key to your success is that Jesus is in your life. Then let others know that they can follow Him, too.