Awe, Wonders, Signs

Awe, Wonders, Signs

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Were the disciples superhuman? No. In fact, they were ordinary people. But, because they had been transformed by the Spirit, through them “many wonders and signs were taking place.”

Jesus had said that those who believed in Him would do “greater works than these … because I go to the Father” (John 14:12). The apostles proved that this really was true!

As they witnessed these transformed men and women, the crowds were amazed, and filled with “awe.” Seemingly unsolvable problems were solved. People with incurable diseases were healed. These untrained men spoke articulately with supernatural wisdom.

What would the disciples do if they were alive today? Would they be content with the ordinary? We almost can hear them tell us not to limit what God can do! In fact, we should expect “many wonders and signs” in our lives!

Is this possible for you? Absolutely! But what will it take?

Like the disciples, start with your personal relationship with Jesus. Spend time with Him. Pray. Listen to His voice. Grow in your knowledge of the Word. Be a faithful servant. Like the disciples, wait for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Let Him guide you.

Don’t be content with a mediocre faith. Be like those early disciples: humble, filled with faith, unafraid. Always be ready and available for the leading of the Spirit. You serve the God of miracles! For Him, nothing is impossible! He has not changed. He never will!