An Overwhelming Conqueror

An Overwhelming Conqueror

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Soon after arriving in America in 1915, a young immigrant was drafted into the US Army. Eventually he was sent to Europe to fight in World War I. And like millions of men on all sides of that bloody war, he became a victim – not of bullets but of the flu epidemic that ravaged populations around the world.

Suffering from the effects of flu, he lay among soldiers who had died in combat. His body appeared lifeless, and he was hauled out among the dead. But nurses checking the bodies discovered that he was alive. He was given care and recovered, returning to America in June 1919.

Throughout the conflict, this soldier carried a New Testament in his pocket. When the nurses found him, they noticed that his testament in particular highlighted Romans 8:35-38. This soldier had clung to that passage day after day.

Through the horrors of war and the ravages of flu, he continued to trust that Jesus still was with him, that nothing could separate him from His love, and that, in every situation he faced, he would overwhelmingly conquer because of Jesus.

These principles are just as true today. They were true for that immigrant soldier. And they are true for you.

No matter what you face, you can trust in God. He is with you and nothing can separate you from the love of Christ! Through Him, you are more than a conqueror!