Always Ready for Worship

Always Ready for Worship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible describes a group of Levites who had one assignment: They were dedicated to singing to the Lord! This assignment never ended. They lived in the temple. Their lives were consumed with music. But not just any music – music that honored and glorified God, praise, and worship. This music helped create the right kind of spiritual atmosphere, helped others focus on God, and encouraged praise.

The dedication of these men to this task demonstrated the importance of music specifically related to worship. Worship is important both to God and the spiritual lives of His people. Music can help usher us into His presence and create an atmosphere that draws us closer to Him. Music can help us take our minds and hearts off the activities of our daily lives. It can energize our entire beings and touch our minds as well as our hearts.

Like these Levites, we need to be dedicated to worship. We may engage in other activities throughout the day, but nothing must prevent us from worship. Wherever we are, day or night, we can worship God. We can worship Him aloud, but also silently in our hearts. And we can use music to bring us into His presence.

Today and throughout this Christmas season, spend time in worship. Wherever you are, praise the Lord! Whenever possible, lift your voice and sing His praises! He is worthy!