Alone with the Father

Alone with the Father

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus ministry seemed to be taking off. His fame had grown. People were talking about Him and flocking to see Him in person. Yet, in the midst of this busy time, Jesus paused to do something that may have seemed illogical: He slipped away to pray. This was so important that He stopped whatever else He was doing.

Where did Jesus go to be alone with the Father? He went to the wilderness, where they could fellowship, interact, and listen to each other with no distractions.

This pattern was repeated throughout His life. Jesus consistently sought time alone with the Father after times of intense ministry (Luke 4:40-42), when He had major decisions to make (Luke 6:12-13), and when He was at the height of success (John 6:15).

Jesus was teaching us a habit we all need to develop. Yes, our schedules can be busy and demanding. We have much to do and can find many excuses. But we miss something vital when we don’t stop what we’re doing and seek God, alone and apart. If this was important to the Son of God, it is critical for us.

Today, the Father is ready to fellowship with you. He wants to renew you. Teach you. Refresh you. Guide you. Empower you. In fact, He is available right now! Don’t let anything distract you. Sit in His presence and talk to Him. Listen to Him. Spend time alone with Him.