All You Do

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 1940, Gregory Petrov was in a Siberian prison camp. Like many, he was confined because of his Christian faith. He knew that, in Stalinist Russia, execution seemed certain. Others around him were filled with fear and panic, but Petrov decided to start giving “glory to God for everything,” even though he was in prison.

He thought of all the ways he could glorify God: “We give You thanks for all Your mercies, seen and unseen.” He did not focus on the darkness of his prison, but praised God because He is “the Source of Life, the Destroyer of Death.”

He praised God “for eternal life, for the heavenly joys of the Kingdom which is to be…If the grass of the field is like this, how gloriously shall we be transfigured in the Second Coming after the Resurrection! How splendid our bodies, how spotless our souls!”

Even though death awaited him, Petrov remained thankful: “How can I thank You, when Your gifts have been so many?” He had no bitterness: “Glory for all that has happened…Glory for the death of our pride by humiliation. Glory to God, sing everlasting glory.”

Petrov eventually was executed, but his words testify to the joy God had given him, and his testimony continues to impact lives around the world.

You may be going through circumstances that seem difficult. You may face a financial crisis, an illness, a broken relationship, or some other kind of challenge. You may have doubts or worries. Faced with these circumstances, it might seem hard to give glory to God. However, that is what He wants you to do.

Today, seek to do everything to “bring glory to God.” Then watch Him change your life! Let Him use you to impact others with the Gospel.