All God Has Promised

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Imagine how God looks at His children. Think of all that He’s done for us, all of His promises, all of His blessings. Then, think of the many times His people have decided to go their own way, decided that they knew what was best. They’ve followed the world for solutions and ignored His Word; then, they’ve wondered why they have so many problems.

We feel the heart of God as He described His people to the prophet Jeremiah: They were “foolish,” “stupid children,” “shrewd”—but only for doing evil. As a result, their world was full of chaos. Like the universe before creation, it was “formless and void.” Their mountains “were quaking.” In fact, “the fruitful land was a wilderness” (vs. 23-26).

God continued to want to bring order out of this chaos and to bless them. But they needed to return to Him, their Creator, and remember that He knew what was best. They needed to stop doing things their own way and follow Him.

People in many generations have been just like those ancient Israelites. How often God has mourned when His people have acted in foolish ways; when they’ve failed to realize all that He’s prepared for us; when they’ve allowed their lives to become chaotic and failed to receive His favor and the financial, physical, and spiritual blessings He’s prepared.

Today, remember that God is ready to grant you His favor, give you the wisdom and direction you need, and bring order, peace, and joy into your heart. Don’t run away, and don’t play games.

Humble yourself before Him. Be honest with Him, and ask Him to cleanse your heart. Seek to live according to His Word and in harmony with Him.