Alive in Christ

Alive in Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

If the only thing that matters is success in this life, Paul recognized that believers are most to be pitied. For if that were true, why have we willingly surrendered our lives to Christ?

Paul knew that the benefits of believing in Christ are far beyond anything the mortal mind can conceive. He described a glorious existence that skeptics could never imagine. Through Jesus, we experience a new dimension. We have eternal life and can experience something supernatural: resurrection!

Through the resurrection, we’ve been made alive. The Greek word pictures what happens in nature. In springtime, tiny seeds that seem lifeless and inanimate somehow burst forth from the soil and become plants, trees, and flowers. Shrubs that were dormant in winter now bloom again. This is the kind of transformation that takes place through God’s resurrection power in the life of a believer.

In Christ, we are no longer dead in our sins. We are made alive. More than just renewed, we are invigorated by His spiritual power.

Today, do you feel weary? Discouraged? Tired? Confused? Uncertain? Do you face problems that seem insurmountable, or obstacles that seem impossible to overcome? No matter what is going on, remember that Jesus has been raised from the dead. Every enemy already has been defeated. Because of what Christ has done, you really can experience His resurrection power!

If you believe in Jesus, have faith and do not doubt. You can be invigorated right now. You can be transformed and made alive. You can live in victory.