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Israel under Solomon had been a wonder of the ancient world. It was a place of bounty – all the result of God’s blessings. Solomon also knew how easily everything could change.

Knowing that Solomon was vulnerable, God warned that trouble was ahead, if he did not heed His warnings. Failing to resist temptations, he “loved many foreign women” who lured him with their gods. It was a turning point for Solomon and Israel.

Suddenly, problems seemed to emerge everywhere. They experienced an uprising led by Hadad, who had fled to Egypt as a boy, and returned, vowing to revenge Israel’s attacks on his native Edom. Israel experienced the rebellion led by Rezon, who came to power in Damascus, and remained “hostile toward Israel” for years.

Surprising problems came from Jeroboam, an official whom Solomon had trusted. Yet he not only rebelled against Solomon, but rose up against Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, resulting in a divided kingdom.

Solomon might have been surprised by such problems. But if he wanted to know the cause, he just had to look into his own heart. The origin was spiritual, the result of Solomon’s sins.

The Bible teaches that God blesses those who walk in His ways. In fact, He blesses us in ways we may never realize or recognize. But everything changes when, like Solomon, we go our own way.

Remember. Don’t go your own way. Stay true to God, trusting Him for bountiful blessings. Let Him be your Defender, Shield, and Protector, even when you are not aware of His protection. Make a commitment to serve Him, stay faithful to Him, and live according to His Word.